They live in the clouds, and they watch us. They live and breathe entertainment, and humans, to their peculiar tastes, are the best kind of entertainment. They can live bits of your life through your senses, but stealthily: you would never know they exist. Even if they wanted to. Some people would be afraid that they play with us, but Masqs have no power over humans, they can only be passive witnesses, watching a metamovie through our minds, bodies and all of our senses.
          Dive into this one-of-a-kind ethnological study, and discover this self-proclaimed voyeur sky folk through the portraits of some rather quaint fellows, by collecting the 100+ illustrations on Neonmob.

Sarah Han from Neonmob interviewed me when Masqs launched, and it's available here.
          I started this series something like in 2004, and originally, they were just 4 tribal-ish minimal - badly drawn - mask-esque black and white characters, floating around without bodies. Soon, I felt they were somehow linked to human minds, and turn into symbols of the different personas cohabiting within ourselves. Then, making a lot more of them in 2013, and refining the style, I thought it would be fun and fitting to transform them into a coherent universe on Neonmob with a rich netork-like storytelling that would unfold through collecting them. Most of the illustrated cards' description to one or more other Masqs, assembling the narrative like pieces of a puzzle. It was fun and challenging, because 100 characters make a hell of a complex society!
          I really hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making this character design and storytelling effort come to life  :)
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