These characters live in a world that is pretty complete in my mind (geography, history, culture, fauna and flora included, I had even started to create a language), but I have yet to make it take a shape. I had started a comic with them, take it as a sketch, for now I'm just developing the world, stories and characters, and whether it will become a video game, a comic or an animated movie or series first is another question.
          I had quite a heavy OST in progress with that comic, but only two sketches of tracks were kind of presentable, for pages 1-2-3 and 4-5-6. They are available here.

          Ces personnages vivent dans un monde assez dense dans ma tête (géographie, histoire, culture, faune et flore incluses, voire même un langage que j'avais commencé à créer), mais je ne lui ai pas encore donné forme. J'avais commencé une bande dessinée avec eux, considérez ça comme un brouillon, actuellement je me contente de développer le monde, l'histoire et les personnages, et on verra plus tard si ça transformera d'abord en jeu vidéo, bande dessinée, long-métrage ou série d'animation.
          J'avais aussi entamé un gros travail de bande-son pour cette BD, mais j'en ai seulement sorti deux esquisses à peu près écoutables, un pour les pages 1-2-3, et l'autre pour 4-5-6. Ils sont toujours disponibles ici. 

Our story begins with a most strange dream, a dream that would intrigue and inspire our fellow stachü his whole life.

Everything was so intense, clearer than reality. Everything seemed to overflow with meaning, yet he couldn't grasp the tiniest bit of it.
But as he was climbing up an utterly bizarre ladder... he fell from his sleeping, straight into his waking.
A rather confused Plustache went on with his simple life, in his comfortable lair, under the kindliness of nephelm's roots.
The tree shares the light of its fruits, the coziness of its flufffy foliage. Also, the tickles of its roots during the bath.
When one feels peckish, the forest of Brocéloaf is generous with fruits, but those of the ill-named blue tree are especially delicious.
Hungry bellies have no ears, and Plustache, usually rather open, saw red when an unknown stachü dared touch one of the last vigs of the season.
"It's MINE!"
The brawl came to a sudden end when a ferocious predator came from nowhere.
They fled round and round the tree, until the stranger had a quite dangerous idea.

Phew! After this rather bold propulsion on the beast's head, the stranger shared the vig with Plustache, by way of reconciliation.
Oldschool pixel art game context test
Handmade plush
The Pinstache! Diy pinhole camera: raise either one of the moustaches to take a photo (35mm film).
Made possible thanks to Steven Monteau's guidance and efforts, and additional help from Charlotte Croisile and Christopher Guichemerre.
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