Commission by Disney (France) through Quai 36: a personal interpretation of Mickey for his 90th birthday

The elusive nature of particles in quantum physics, featured in "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide" (Lürzer's Archive)

Pictoplasma's CharacterStareDown fun: look into here eyes, the first to look away loses!


Dreame - From dreams to artworks: an artwork to illustrate the concept to 33 high-profile potential investors, each of the symbols in the hair evoking something personal about dreams or creativity to each o them.

Commissioned portrait of Sigmund Freud, watercolour, acrylics and ink on paper + digital version

Commissioned by Google For Startups

Jail Time


A Condensed Expression of Undiluted Internet Refined Culture Through An Extensive Iconographic Research of Feline Appearances

20 years of an urban culture festival - 1990s roots

Time to get that pétanque game on

Time to get that boules game on!

A hippie father's legacy to his son: sometimes, it's ok to just be.

3D printed trophies to award public & private environmental projects

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