PayPal Israel, based in Tel Aviv, commissioned me through dream-focused Dreame to merge an insane list of 137 dreams from the staff into one artwork, that would become the cover art for a dream journal given to every employee of the company after a good year 2018. So, I received that long list of things that would range from funny jokes, to crazy wishes, to simple family happiness. I then proceeded to merge the similar ones into symbolic visual language elements, and used all of them on a panoramic mix of the surreal storytelling of Hieronymus Bosch's Garden Of Earthly Delights and the playfulness of oldschool isometric videogames. All of which, within one very intense week. Dreame then produced the exclusive dream journal & gifted it.

More about my collaborations with Dreame
Processing all that data and mapping it was no small task
          We included a numbered map along with the list of dreams, so that each of the participating employee could find their own dream on the cover.
          Nous avons inclu une carte numérotée avec la liste des rêves, de sorte que chaque participant puisse retrouver son rêve sur la couverture.
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