Myke (working title) is an art toy project I'm making happen. I've been putting mushrooms in my art for years, through every medium possible (animation, 3D printed street art, illustration, street poster, an upcoming collective mushroom-themed stickerbook I'm directing, etc.), and as to why I thing they resonate so well with the the zeitgeist, I would link my introduction to the street art project here. Below is the rough for the current concept, made after a 3D sketch I sculpted in virtual reality. The goal was to produce an incarnation of my mushrooms that would have something interesting to show from every angle.

The virtual reality sketch. As you can see, the black mushroom has 3 eyes.

A 3m tall statue project that was rejected. Concept & design by me, 3D modelling by Emmanuelle Le Nouaille,who is ok to work on a working 3D model for Myke.

Below, you can find a huge street art poster & art print (180cm tall) that served as a basis for the design.
And more Mushroom art for good measure!
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