Messari commissioned me through Daoz to make art to compliment their review of 2021 in crypto and present their results as NFTs. This crazy collection is a mix of themes pertaining to cryptocurrencies, blockchain protocols, regulations, project, NFTs and crypto art culture at large, with portraits of 15 especially influential individuals druing this year.
          They are available as NFTs on OpenSea.

The Fight For The Metaverse:
Indie crypto metaverse VS corporate centralised metaverse

The Flippening(s):
Bitcoin is still king, but Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Polka Dot, Cardano and others are going all in to carve their way

Institutional FOMO:
Crypto degens dumping cryptos on institutions and traditional finance entities FOMOing in.

Crypto Exodus:
Chinese Bitcoin miners escaping to the USA as China bans cryptos further.

House Of Crypto:
Pseudonymous individuals to stand in the House Of Representatives?

Eth dApps VS Centralised App Stores:
Leaving the opaque citadels for a decentralised and transparent blockchain, raining airdrops and looking fabulous.

ZK Snarks VS Surveillance Capitalism:
Data privacy through Zero Knowledge ninjutsu holding ground against corporate data hunger.

Jeff Zirlin, Axie Infinity

Katie Haun, Blockchain Association

Emilie Choi, Coinbase

Devin Finzer, OpenSea

Kyle Samani, Multicoin Capital

Su Zhu, Three Arrows Capital

Do Kwon, Terra / Luna

Kristin Smith, a16z

Tess Rinearson, Twitter

Hester Peirce, SEC

Jay Graber, BlueSky

Dave White, Paradigm

CMS Holdings

Dan Robinson, Paradigm

Messari's CEO, Ryan Selkis AKA TwoBitIdiot on Twitter

Fake dollar bills made for Messari's 2022 Mainnet event

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