From dreams to artworks: an artwork to illustrate the concept to 33 high-profile potential investors, each of the symbols in the hair evoking something personal about dreams or creativity to each o them.

          Dreame is a start-up that was first dedicated to illustrate people's dreams. I am a lucid dreamer, and have always been in an intimate relationship with dreams. Over the years, I came back to my prefered style, a Moebiusy outlined magic with much colours and textures, as Dreame and I went through artistic adventures.
          The first dream art below was for an article on Noisey (VICE's music news), based on an anymous messed up dream following the Glastonbury Music Festival: "I was trying to ride a missile in the sky but it wasn’t working out for me. The missile looked like one that sticks out of Doctor N. Gin’s head in Crash Bandicoot and I was struggling to hold on for what felt like ages. Eventually I fell off and tumbled toward the city - which was purple, and made out of Playstation One graphics" - I took the liberty of going for a grey Super Nintendo mode 7 city.
My work with Dreame started with a focus on a surreal, minimal and luminous flow, crystallising the ethereal and fuzzy fabric of dreams into eerie pieces of art.

The Big Dream, a project I directed with Dreame, leading 60 artists from all over the world to exhibit dreams turned into art everywhere from Time Square to the International Space Station

For a start-up called Saillog: user-shared data enabling farmers to share extremely quickly potent ways to protect themselves from new pests and other threats.

金継ぎ Kintsugi: an auctioned piece to help former prostitutes to heal themselves and get out of prostitution, a very moving project.

Going out of style for the first time, with something closer to psychedelic era illustrations and Moebius (Jean Giraud), for Wil Kristin's late hippie father's wise words: "Sometimes, it's OK to just be."
From the Big Dream, terraforming Mars using bacterias (also, the need to restore Mars' magnetic field)

Illustrating with much research someone from Spotify's favourite track: The Headhunters' "Watermelon Man"

Inspiration is David Bowie's "Sound And Vision", making me go out of my usual style
Initial study on this kind of dreamy liquid style

A family dream

A company's work space's core elements with a cubist twist, enclosed within the logo's triangle "A". More polygonal works here.

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