I joined Dreame, an international collective of artists dedicated to illustrate people's dreams. My work there focuses on a surreal, minimal and luminous flow, crystallising the ethereal and fuzzy fabric of dreams into eerie pieces of art. I am a lucid dreamer, and have always been in an intimate relationship with dreams, so it's something really nice. I had already illustrated two dreams of friends many years ago, and had thought I would love to make a collection of the best dreams I or people I know have had, so it's kind of like this project, which I still may do later.
          The first dream art below was for an article on Noisey (VICE's music news), based on an anymous messed up dream following the Glastonbury Music Festival: "I was trying to ride a missile in the sky but it wasn’t working out for me. The missile looked like one that sticks out of Doctor N. Gin’s head in Crash Bandicoot and I was struggling to hold on for what felt like ages. Eventually I fell off and tumbled toward the city - which was purple, and made out of Playstation One graphics" - I took the liberty of going for a grey Super Nintendo mode 7 city.
Going out of style for something closer to psychedelic era illustrations and Möbius (Jean Giraud), for Wil Kristin
For the headquarters of SOSA in Tel Aviv, an all-rounding business/start-up booster focusing on networking/coaching/mentoring/funding, and providing co-working spaces and all the necessary help to grow and make enterprises become fruitful.
Charity illustration for an association of Israeli and Palestinian lawyers working for local peace, exhibited in the headquarters of the International Bar Association (Washington D.C.) and CEELI Institute (Prague)
The preliminary sketch  of a piece for the birthday of someone whose name means "Rose", a mother of many children and grand children, who took care with endless love of her beloved humans and plants grow as well as possible
A start-up moving fast with good guidance and relevant information
Inspiration is David Bowie's "Sound And Vision", making me go out of my usual style
A utopia of a productive and caring futuristic network of humans, whose endeavours always end up useful to each other, for the headquarters of Google For Entrepreneurs
The development of this style came when I was working on a Liquid Pop series
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