A timeless bridge between 2 artists from the 16th Century and Jæn from the 21st. Frans Huys, a Belgian illustrator (1522-1562), made splendid illustrations of grotesque masks from Flemish sculptor Cornelis Floris de Vriendt (1514-1575), printed to provide stone carvers and others with interesting faces to adorn buildings. The Rijks Museum made beautiful high resolution scans of these and released them in public domain, which I took & cleaned carefully, to then add my surreal magic. The result was uploaded straight to contemporary cryptoart: here it stands, floating in the digital void, outside of time. This collaboration of 3 European Artists over 5 centuries makes you ponder about time, culture and tools. The project gives birth to a blockchain made of time and art, in which collectors become part of the path that was designed by the artists. 

          I use the digital solidity of the blockchain so that in the future, another artist finds these works, and make them evolve with the breakthrough art practice or ecosystem of that time. These works are not finished, they're never-ending time travellers. An ethereal blockchain made of art and time.
A piece of art history is usually a piece of the past: these are pieces of the past, present and future.

     Unique NFTs available exclusively on SuperRare, exhibited in a virtual gallery here.
The release of Phase 1 in early 2021 was celebrated with a virtual solo show in partnership with Tara Digital Collective on Artsy, exhibited in Decentraland and Cryptovoxels (thanks to M0NA - Museum 0f NFT Art).

Introduction with Luke Whyte on SuperRare // Interview with Creator Collection here.
The design of the virtual exhibition space in the Metaverse was the result on a reflection of current skeuomorphism in virtual architecture. You can read my short essay on the subject here.

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There are no originals left by de Vriendt, these gorgeous bronze casts were made by Oleg Klimov

Bronze cast courtesy Oleg Klimov
          To you, artist of the future, you will know the time has come for another block on this time chain when something as groundbreaking as blockchains has emerged. If I am still alive, come forth and claim the mantle. If I am dead, take this torch, light it again with your own fire. Own it. And pave the way for those who will come after you. Cornelis Floris de Vriendt, Frans Huys and Jæn salute you.

Fonts : Exodus by Andrew Herndon / Movie Letters by Bou Fonts
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