Some one-character-a-day fun challenge from friendo Mute, posted in my Instagram stories for a month.
When you realise crossing fingers make them look like they're cuddling each other, you can't unsee it.
In some distant dimension, shadows cast light.
Eating a sweet tooth with a sweet's teeth, get over it // La came-cruse is some weird french yôkai worth checking // When we are long forgotten, may be we will be believed to have been actual skeletons
Some say that late at night, you can hear the ghost of a bike delivery boy, hurling through the streets, not knowing he's dead.
Huurrggghhhlllll  //  kshhhhkrrrrrrrpiuuuukshhhhrrshh  //  pipoo !
When the regular angel is not enough (and doesn't have enough toes) // She's finally finding the time to explore herself through that mirror. So long, suckers!
The tale of the giant Forbino people eater also mentions that you must not kill this awesome musician, making the best bangers.
Solar-powered plant/living pot simbiote FTW.
On that day, no flying fucks were given.
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