Going deeper, from the conscious to the unconscious, from the unconscious to the subconscious.
From the subconscious to 0nir0. Dreamers on their path to remember who they are within dreams, going on soul-searching adventures in the hub of all dreams // the metadream linking everyone's subconscious // the dreamlands independent from dreamers: 0nir0.

This NFT gamified project emerges to your consciousness on KnownOrigin, and will go through 4 seasons: soul-searching Psyches and Archetypes, encountering the elusive Morpheans - sentient native dream beings impermeable to dreamer's influence -
and an exploration of dreamscapes.
The game relies on specific scarcity, Twitter & Discord-based events, pricing and acquisition mechanics to have or behave in character.

The fourth season of 0nir0 will see the rise of...

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