- December 2017- Live Augmented GIFs with Diesel (Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux - France)

- November 2017 -
Jury for drawing contest #TaFeuille, Les Vibrations Urbaines de Pessac (Pessac/Bordeaux, France)
Illustration selected and printed by www.A2letter.com (Switzerland)

- October 2017 - Solo exhibition with Les Vibrations Urbaines de Pessac (Talence/Bordeaux, France)

- June 2017 - Triptych exhibited at a one-night pop-up show in Bordeaux (France)
                    - eBook cover for a speculative fiction short novel by David Michael Miller (New York)

- May 2017 -
Diptych exhibited in my collective's group show "PopTales" in Berlin, as part of the Pictoplasma Festival

- April 2017 - Illustration for the 20 years of a French national urban culture festival, Les Vibrations Urbaines

- January 2017 -
Illustration  for the upcoming Black Book Of Words,  a world tour of illustrated bad language

- December 2016 - Live urban art performance & exhibition for Cultura's flagship store re-opening (Bordeaux)

- November 2016 -
3D printed trophies commissioned by the French Department of la Gironde (Bordeaux) to award local sustainable projects

- October 2016 - Sculpture #AutoHypNum won the 3rd Prize at national exhibition of urban art Les Vibrations Urbaines
- September 2016 - Charity illustration via Dreame, for an association of Israeli and Palestinian lawyers working for local peace, exhibited in the headquarters of the International Bar Association (Washington D.C.) and CEELI Institute (Prague)

- May 2016 - Sculpture/installation for the Pictoplasma group exhibition in Urban Spree (Berlin)
                   - Live Animated GIFs for DIESEL France at their flagship store in Paris
                   - A character illustration in the DasGhost Memory game The Doppelgänger

                    - Sticker designs featured in world renowned Stickerbomb 3
                     (Laurence King Publishing - London/ The SRK - Bangkok)

- April 2016 -  Live Animated GIFs for DIESEL France at their shop in Bordeaux

- March 2016 - A "synecular" painting exhibited at a group show for the Institut Bernard Magrez's Grand Prix Bernard Magrez,
                        Hôtel Labottière (Bordeaux

- February 2016 -
Art direction, cover design and illustration of a stickerbook with my artist collective DasGhost
- December 2015 - Nanokami stickers published in Stickermag #9 (Germany)
- November 2015 - Puche And The Five Seasons, a picture book for children

- October 2015 - Humanimal, for the national group exhibition of urban art of Les Vibrations Urbaines de Pessac

- September 2015 - Graduating from character design focused Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin

- August 2015 - Illustration for Google For Entrepeneurs through Dreame
                        - Illustration, infographics and characters, advertisement with Sferiq (Russia)
- July 2015 - Illustration for Noisey (Vice's music news) through Dreame      
- June 2015 - Member of the international collective of artists Dreame, illustrating people's dreams
                    - Jury Special Prize in a 24 hours analog photo marathon contest (Labo Révélateur d'Images, Bordeaux),
                      team work with the Midnighters
 (Steven Monteau -|-|-|-, Christopher Guichemerre and Charlotte Croisile),
                      involving illustration in the process.
- April 2015 - Illustrator and character designer for NeonMob (San Francisco), "Masq", 103 collectible artworks),
- January - March 2015 - 3 months exhibition at Vinyl, Bordeaux, France (large format illustrations,
                                           mainly the
Bonebreathing and Synecular series)
- January 2015 - T-shirt design for No Presets (Los Angeles)

- December 2014 - Live painting performance at an event organized by Happe:n, a fresco trio with Nigoull and Jérôme D.

- October 2014 - Interview by The SRK/Stickerbomb
                          - Collaboration with Saktory for illustrated Swiss Army knives (Great Britain)
- August 2014 - Sticker design featured in the SRK's world renowned Stickerbomb Skull sticker book
                          (Laurence King Publishing, London)
                        - Featured artist on the Inkygoodness blog
- June 2014 - 4 photos awarded in a 24 hours photo marathon contest (Labo Révélateur d'Images, Bordeaux), team work with
                      the Midnighters
 (Steven Monteau -|-|-|-, Christopher Guichemerre and Charlotte Croisile)

- April 2014 - Collective polaroid exhibition at La Halle des Chartrons, Bordeaux, France (Expolaroid)
                     - Character design project featured in Character Design Served (Behance/Adobe)
- October 2013 - Sticker design featured in the SRK's world renowned Stickerbomb XL sticker book
                             (Laurence King Publishing, London)
- July 2013 - Illustrator and character designer for NeonMob (San Francisco), "Codex Fungi", 103 collectible artworks),

- April 2013 - Collective polaroid exhibition at CCAS, Bordeaux, France (Expolaroid)
- March 2013 - Illustrator and photographer for La Semaine Digitale de Bordeaux (one week of digital-focused events)
- September 2012 - Collective urbex photography exhibition at La Halle des Douves, Bordeaux, France
- September 2011 - Solo photo/photomontage exhibition, Galerie Oujopo, Lyon, France
photomontages from "写真はイメージです" & photos of Japan)
- December 2010 - T-shirt design printed by Shirtoid (US) - limited artist edition
- September 2009 - Photos of Japan featured in Photography Served (Behance/Adobe)

2007-2008 - Volunteered as graphic designer, illustrator, art director, photographer and co-organiser of 
                        a french music festival
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